Great design delivers continuity, function & beauty to an environment.

Cultural Shift has been described as an Innovative Disruptive approach to design. Shift+ is one example of the results of such design strategies that has received a US Patent.

Cultural-Shift is an independent consulting company that stimulates design thinking by searching for simplistic problems within evolving educational environments that affect the delivery of instruction and the ability to learn.

Significant Quotes

“Elegant Simplicity"

Houston ISD

Shift+: Patented Award-Winning Design




“Background Music"

VS America


"...a masterful practitioner who continually seeks excellence and a leader that lives in service" 

Michele Curreri, U.S. EPA, Indoor Environments Division

"What sets David apart is that he is wholly invested in the betterment of education. He understands how to engage and challenge teams to focus on the mission of our educational system."

Peter Degas, CTS, CTS-D, AIA affil., president TSAV


What you will quickly learn about me is that I am extremely passionate about everything I do. I am extremely interested in moving the needle… every minute of every day. I have always firmly believed that if one is given extraordinary talents and gifts, it is their responsibility to share their knowledge with anyone who has an interest in their work. So in a sense, this is the very core of my work and you will find that I am not only an innovator, researcher, designer and creator, I am also a writer, consultant, advisor and speaker.

​David A Stubbs II

"One of David's strengths is his extraordinary vision for 21st Century learning environments and his commitment to understanding community needs, wants and values"

A passion to "do the right thing" sets us a part from the norm.

Cultural-Shift is an idea, Shift+ is simply one the of many solutions fully demonstrating a holistic design approach in evolving educational environments. In addition to design, CS provides a vast array of services that support educational communities in their work.