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This is the 21st Century, why do we insist on utilizing a set of tools in the educational environments that were designed well over 125 years ago? We wouldn't attempt to go down a ski slope with a set of skis that were made in 1890, so why it it that we do it in the classroom every day when conversations of collaboration, project based and flipped are in embedded in our daily routines? Exactly! This is the way we have always done it. 

Stop Checking Boxes!

For the simple reason that when I went to the shelf to buy FFE and no one solution fit the discussions of my administration, I pulled out a series of sketches to I had created nearly 7 years earlier and decided to make a difference. 

Shift+ was created out of necessity. I realized we were at a crossroads generated by the inherent need to harness a dynamic shifting of educational models implemented as well as demanded within our facilities. We knew we needed to institute more freedom by the creation of a new idea in educational furniture design. We needed a holistic solution that was complex but at the same time simplistic. 

My goal is to allow the end users to begin with a blank canvas by selecting a set of tools that respond to their specific learning and teaching strategies at a precise point in time. I was careful to insure that these tools did not come with accoutrements or components that would hinder the instructional models as we move into the "Next" generation. We are allowing the stakeholders to efficiently move selected accessories in and out to the spaces depending on what the are specifically trying to accomplish. 

The elements of Shift+ allow the end user to continually find new applications to redefine his learning environment every day. the crucial differences Shift+ offers in school furniture will make educational environments more diverse than ever before. 


  • "He proficient in all aspects of design and construction processes and is always focused on long term implications of the decisions that he empowers his teams to make. And his commitment to the vision of his team is uncompromisable."

     Pete Dugas CTS, CTS-D, AIA affil., President TSAV

Product Testing

Moisture Infiltration and Vapor Transmission Testing


July of 2016, Cultural-Shift recreated a series of unsolicited 3rd party tests to analyze the ability of various backing systems utilized by the carpet industry to prohibit moisture from migrating to the concrete slab and to allow the transmittance of vapor from the slab to the occupied space above. These tests were not copies of current industry accepted standardized tests but were designed based on how the end user actually utilizes products and systems. The results were quite similar to the testing that was performed nearly 16 years prior and has  basically, confirmed various manufacturer's claims.


If the solution is not on the shelf...


Design has an extremely broad definition that simply means various things to different individuals. Design can be a roadmap or a strategic plan as indicated in programming. Design can be the creation of an actual object component or a system as described in the CS Furniture Solutions. Design can encompass ideas and conversations of aesthetics, and functionality and may involve research, prototypes, testing and investigations. Please explore the various facets of the Design capacities in which Cultural Shift delivers to evolving educational environments below. 



Mold & Moisture

I got your attention, didn't I?

Additional Services

  • Mold Inspections, consultation & Training
  • Building walk thrus
  • IAQ inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • ​Moisture Infiltration Inspections

David Has a multitude of demonstrated experience with Safe and Healthy Schools inspection, testing and consultation services. He has safely and successfully supported numerous school districts throughout the country in remediating moisture infiltration and mold issues of various magnitudes.

David has held several roof inspection certifications and is an expert in roofing systems of various types. 

Significant Quotes

  • David led the design team through a process of questioning all of our assumptions until they became clearly reflective of the vision of the districts leadership, community stakeholders, faculty and staff while wholly incorporating the vast experience and insight of the entire design team. His approach challenged us while remaining inclusive and the results of the projects are a testament to the potential of fully aligned vision and leadership."

21st Century. This is a very simple statement as it attempts to describe evolving education environments, but many districts have difficulties creating their words, conversations and discussions in three-dimensional form. 

"How can we get from where we have been to where we are going?" I have been successful in rising from this very conversation. CS can provide a cost effective approach to begin the conversations on the right foot by working with the entire community or simply an administrative staff to shorten the disconnects by the utilization of proven techniques and strategies. We will customize discussions to begin changing the embedded culture. With the utilization of various tools including the "8 Defining Principals," "Change Your Vocabulary" and "Leave Your Baggage Outside the Door," we are confident that we can facilitate change in your district.