Environmental Solutions

We ARE Making a difference!

David's passion for ideas of Healthy Environments, Sustainability and Alternative Energy Solutions has enabled him to maintain diversity in design solutions.

David has been cited by a champion by the EPA for leading the charge to host two regional EPA, Healthy Schools IAQ symposiums in Athens, Georgia. He is a member of SHIELDS, an EPA organized leadership group of industry leaders supporting healthy schools worldwide. Recently, David assisted in the review and rollout of the EPA's new guidance for the educational community entitled, "Energy Savings plus Health: Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building Upgrades."

David is currently assisting Green Energy Partners, Inc. in the design and development of a biomass to energy facility in an urban setting near Atlanta, Georgia. Not only will this facility serve as an opportunity to create energy from waste but it will serve as an educational opportunity for school children and adults alike to have an upclose look at such an important demonstration of private/public partnership.

David has received numerous recognitions and awards for the accomplishments while the Director of Facilities Planning and Construction in Athens, Georgia. Recent recognitions included a 2012 Water Conservation Award as well as a 2013 USGBC Water Efficiency Award received for the creative design solutions of the Fowler Drive Elementary School that included gray water retention systems providing water for flushing water closets, irrigation and rain gardens. All delivered and installed systems are sustained educational opportunities for the simple fact that they all teach.

In addition to being on the EPA SHIELDS leadership committee, he is a local member and supporter of the local, regional and national chapters of the USGBC.