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Public Speaking

David has made over 200 presentations this past year as an emerging public speaker with his most recent interactive conversation "Pedagogy of Space" to school leaders and architects alike. His conversations focus on processes and systems in opposition to products and manufacturers that support the necessary change required in current educational landscapes. 

David utilizes his own experiences from over 20 years as a school consultant, administrator, designer and architect to allow the audience to look in the mirror to begin change in their own environments. Demonstrating his 8 defining principles to support the need to "Leave Your Baggage at the Door," David is successful in creating several AH-HA moments by providing a series of tools and ideas that allows the audience to understand that a new approach is necessary to lead us into the "Next" generations of educational facility design. 

David's "story telling" incorporates his deep seeded passion to make a difference by the use of wit, humor and a contagious energy.

David is currently working on higher educational solutions as well as conversations demonstrating examples of how "Empowering Choice" in educational environments demonstrate levels of 100% engagement. 

Not only does David believe in the power of innovation and creativity to manage change but he has lived it by the creation of the award winning line of classroom furniture named Shift+ that is marketed worldwide by VS. He firmly believes that "If You are Going to Change Your Culture, You Must First Change Your Environment"

David has been published many times for his innovative and creative perspective on evolving educational facility design.