Over the past there years Cultural Shift has had the pleasure to collaborate and partner with the amazing educational educators at Punahou Junior School as they explore solutions that demonstrate who they are and where they are going. They had a clear vision of Change and the work has been very systematic in nature. We feel that the work has been so impactful that we want to share their story, "A Landscape of Learning"


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Feature Project: Punahou Junior School, "A Landscape of Learning"



David's approach to design is a holistic solution which begins by establishing sets of defining principals and component guidelines that supports historic educational facility documentation such as educational specifications.



David has passionately excelled to improve the Indoor Air Quality of all educational facilities by his leadership. He has also had demonstrated successes in sustainability as well as alternative energies, receiving recognitions by the EPA and USGBC.



David has personally designed the Award Winning furniture solution Shift+ for VS. He is currently working on several new ideas directly responding to needs within the higher education market to balance mobility and flexibility with environmental stability



David is frequently invited to speak to educational and design organizations

Company Profile

Cultural-Shift, Inc.


Founded: 2013

Owner: David A Stubbs II


Areas of expertise:  Next Generation Programming, Design, Indoor Air Quality, Moisture Infiltration, Mold Expert, Materials Selection, Furniture Solutions

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With the insistence of repeated and continuous professional development, David has been successful utilizing a disruptive design approach to drastically reduce the disconnect between the administrative conversations and the actions of the end users.

Cultural Shift is an idea, Shift+ is one unique component of this idea. 


At Cultural Shift, we are focused on recreating the learning environment providing a diverse set of solutions available to educational institutions as well as architects. Solutions are customizable to fit individualized needs based upon demonstrated successes of over 20 years of intense work in the industry. Please take a moment to browse the links providing more information to the various services available.

Recreating the Learning Environment